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Rotor Wash

Mar 4, 2019

Today’s Podcast was recorded with Jon Reed and Chris Smetana from IA MED. The Podcast focuses on who they are, who IA MED is, and why they chose to partner with ECHO. Also, make sure you listen until the end where we discuss what has now been named the CME Collective. The CME Collective is a growing community of podcasts and blogs which are and will always be 100% free to read or listen to, but now you can now get CEU/CEH credit for by taking a test and paying a small fee. Best of all the fee goes to support all the amazing programs that ECHO has. 


As with everything we do at ECHO we do It a little different then and always with our mission of providing affordable training the person doing the job every day. We see this as a way to shake up the landscape of continuing education and allow those that were not able to travel to our conferences to take advantage of the world-class education and get some credit for it. 


The CME Collective can be found at the link below and the content will continue to grow so make sure you check back often.






As discussed at the beginning of this episode, if you as a flight crew member are in need of help, you can call our ECHO FAST (Flight crew Assistance and Support Team) line at 1-833-AIR-FAST which is available 24/7. The peer support team is made up of flight crews from across the country just for you.

You can also reach out to us via Facebook Messenger from our facebook page @echoheliops and our website