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Rotor Wash

Dec 4, 2019

Flight Crew Bill of Rights

Right To Come Home
1. Every crew member has the right to go home at the end of their shift.

Right To Turn Down A Mission
2. The ability to turn down a flight for safety reasons is your right and everyone’s responsibility. This right should exist equally within everyone’s job description.

Right To Discuss Mission Safety
3. No matter your job title you have the absolute right to query a mission AND each other.

Right To Absolute Safety
4. Safe operations of an aircraft is the entire crew’s responsibility. Safety is an active process, speak up.

Right Of Flight Crew Expectations
5. You have the right to expect your safety is your employer’s top priority. To expect your program to:
•Support crew member rights.
•Provide ongoing training.
•Improve the system they provide.

Right Of Program Expectations
6. Your program has the right to expect that you will:
• Always be learning.
• Always work at making the job safer.
• Always use prudent judgment.
• Be prepared to the best of your ability to perform your duties.

Right To Be Supported
7. The right to turn down a flight is fundamental. You should expect your fellow crew members to support the right to say “No”, regardless of their assessment of why you said “No”.

Right To Expect Professionalism
8. Every member of the crew has the right to expect clear, open and professional discussion of conflicts or concerns from their fellow crew.

Right To Not Be Ok
9. Every member of the crew has the right to NOT be ok. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and each other, to be in a flight ready mindset.
If you or your teammates need assistance reach out to FAST 24/7/365 at 1-833-AIR-FAST

Right To Common Sense
10. Trust your gut, it’s there for a reason.


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