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Rotor Wash

Dec 17, 2018

Today's episode comes from our 2018 Annual Conference ECHONooga and features 2 talks. 

Talk 1:

Flight Paramedic Joey Loehner presents his talk entitled: Hyperthermia, Excited Delirium, and Dantrolene - A Rave New Treatment 

Joey will provide a brief overview of common party/rave drugs, the effect they have on users, and types of patients we treat at our large music festivals (150,000 attendees). This will be followed by how/why we treat the way we do, evidence to support our treatment modalities, and how to effectively transport these patients. We will then discuss what can be done by Flight Crew to maximize the benefits of these treatments in the transport environment.


Talk 2:

Flight Paramedic and Life Force Air Medical Base Educator Joshua Piotrowski presents his talk entitled: Under Pressure

After this lecture, you will have a different respect for the venous system and understand the fine balance needed between vasopressors and fluid resuscitation to return the body to a more normalized state. We need to change our perception of the heart to realize that it does not dictate
the amount of blood pumped into circulation. It is our goal to put some more balanced tools in your toolbox for treating hemodynamically unstable patients.