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Rotor Wash

Dec 3, 2018

From ECHONooga, Dan Rauh and Bill Hinckley bring us their talks on bleeding.

Dan Rauh will discuss coagulopathy/anticoagulants. 

Do you understand the difference between a NOAC, VKA, INR, 4 factor PCC AND FFP? Do the
concepts of intrinsic and extrinsic pathway trigger a migraine? Not anymore!!! Who, when and how
to reverse will be covered as well as the most important question....”How do I do that?!”


Dr. Bill Hinckley will bring his talk, Master of the Massive UGIB.

We’re experts in managing hemorrhagic shock from trauma, and we know that in bleeding trauma
patients, the care that we bring to the patient is at least as important as the rapid transport we
provide to the Level 1 Trauma Center. I get stoked about massive UGIBs in the same way that we all
get fired up to take care of that MVC patient with severe TBI and florid shock. Why? Because I know
there’s very little the accepting GI doc and intensivist have that my partner and I don’t have in terms
of definitive care for that massive UGIB patient. I know, and you will too, that in a short period of
time we can have a huge impact on that patient’s morbidity and mortality. And because I’m anosmic,
so the aroma of melena doesn’t bother me in the least. Even if you’re not anosmic, I think I can get
you pumped up about taking care of massive UGIBs too.

You will hear a Moment of Silence during Dr. Hinckley's talk. Here's why: All classes were paused for a moment of silence at 1120 in remembrance of Duke Lifeflight Crew Crystal Sollinger, Kristopher Harrison, Jeff Burke, and Mary Bartlett.