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Rotor Wash

Apr 8, 2019

On today's Rotor Wash episode, join us for an interview with 3 gentlemen from HealthNet Aeromedical Services. Clinton Burley, President & CEO of HealthNet joins us along with Base Lead and Flight Paramedic, Mark Brooks and Flight Nurse Glenn Sutphin. These men truly love what they do and the people they work alongside and it shows through in the work and effort they put into their program. We discuss the experience with ECHO, the impact it has had on their service and other details relating to the industry of air medical.   


As referenced in the podcast, take some time to watch this video created in collaboration with Health Net Aeromedical Services and the ECHO FAST Team as produced by flight paramedic and ECHO Future Flight Crew Alumni, Matthew Whittaker. If you need someone to talk to, call 1-833-AIR-FAST.





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