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Rotor Wash

Jun 23, 2018

In today’s episode, flight paramedic James Boomhower from Boston Medflight joins us as we discuss mental health in our industry. We will highlight resources and action steps to take which can help you maintain a self-awareness of your own mental health and the health of others around you as you progress through your...

Jun 15, 2018

Dr. Ben Lawner, medical director for Allegheny Lifeflight and EMS and emergency physician, presents his talk on advanced airway techniques and some clinical advice on improving success with different types of advanced airways. 

Rotor Wash logo designed in conjunction with ECHO member Bud Lavin photo submission. 


Jun 1, 2018

From our 2017 ECHO Annual Conference, this episode continues the lecture from Dan Foulds who will identify the hazardous attitudes that have been linked to HEMS crashes and will discuss a real-world example of each as it relates to crashes that have occurred.  

Dan is the Owner/Trainer of AMRM Training Solutions. To...